PRESS Restaurant in Napa Valley Debuts New All-Napa Wine Cellar

PRESS Restaurant in Napa Valley is proud to announce the debut of its remarkable new wine cellar, the only all-Napa wine list in the region and also the largest restaurant collection of Napa wines anywhere. The cellar can house up to 10,000 bottles of wine, picked by PRESS sommeliers Kelli White and Scott Brenner, which date as far back as the early 1950s.

The wine cellar, amorously designed by renowned architect Howard Backen, has three separate climate-controlled spaces that are joined by one common tasting room and separated from the main cellar by floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The 8-foot ceiling, doors and central table are all made of reclaimed wood from Leslie Rudd’s Edge Hill property. The cellar was created by PRESS owner Leslie Rudd, who proudly calls it a “drinkable library” – visitors and locals will have the opportunity to taste Napa’s rich wine, such as 1962 BV Georges de Latour and School House 1974 Pinot Noir.

PRESS recently celebrated this exciting new addition to the restaurant inside the cellar, and saw attendees such as Peter Mondavi Sr. and Margrit Mondavi, Robin Lail, Bill Phelps, Paul Draper and more.

PRESS restaurant has been dedicated to Napa Valley wine since its beginnings in 2005. The food is prepared with the finest locally sourced food by Chef Stephen Rogers, who gathers his ingredients either from the restaurant’s two private gardens or from neighboring farmers, markets and suppliers. The fresh food together with the finest Napa Valley wines makes PRESS Restaurant a truly spectacular and unique dining experience