Haute Yachts: Luxury Amenities Featured at Dubai International Boat Show

Image: liveyachting.com

Yachts displayed at the Dubai International Boat Show are typically some of the most luxurious vessels in the world and the ones shown at this year’s event were no exception. Featuring amenities like a transparent Jacuzzi and gold toilets, the yachts at the 2012 Dubai International Boat Show spared no expense.

The transparent Jacuzzi was located at the rear deck of a yacht that was provided by AS Marine of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates. When inside the Jacuzzi, you can look down through the bubbles and view through the bottom of the bath to see the fish swimming below the yacht. According to reports, this Jacuzzi was an add-on, which the owner of the yacht purchased for $30,000.

United Arab Emirates-based boat builder Gulf Craft showed off their gold-plated toilet bowls onboard a 135ft Majesty yacht. Installed in the master suite’s bathroom, the gold toilet sits next to a gold plated bidet. This particular yacht costs $17 million and features an elevator with access to four additional luxury suites.

Image: The Rich Times

Source: The Rich Times