Haute Yacht: $330 Million Serene Yacht Spotted in LA

Image: ABC LA

Launched last summer and built in Italy, Serene is the ninth largest yacht in the world and is worth approximately $330 million. The magnificent superyacht was spotted recently in Venice, California raising suspicions about her owner’s reasons for being in the Los Angeles area.

Owned by Russia vodka tycoon, Yuri Shefler, 37, the Serene yacht is an enormous vessel that easily catches the attention of anyone in her proximity. Worth $330 million and listed as the ninth largest yacht in the world, it’s no wonder her recent spotting in Los Angeles has created a buzz online. The yacht features a custom-made submarine that can dive up to 300ft, an indoor salt water pool, a “snow room” capable of producing 3-4 inches of powdered “snow”, a room with a glass bottom to view the ocean floor and much more. But the reason people are talking about this yacht has more to do with Shefler than the yacht itself.

Los Angeles media outlets are speculating that Shefler’s presence in Los Angeles may mean he’s considering buying the Los Angeles Dodgers. Serene was spotted in San Pedro last week, then in Marina del Rey and now it is it in Venice.

Source: Media Bistro