Haute Time: As the Pound Strengthens Breitling Reduce Prices

To counteract the escalating strength of the pound against the Swiss Franc, Breitling has reduced the price of their watches by 10%. On March 1st the price drop was applied to new and existing stock with recommended retail prices and trade prices both being reduced.

Breitling stockholders will lose margin on the watches already in stores as the price drops, but the hit should not be to major, as it comes in the aftermath of three prices increases in the past 18 months. Breitling UK managing director Franz La Rosee has said that although retailers will seem some losses in return as well, they have also gained tremendously over the past 18 months following three previous price hikes in relation to the strong Swiss franc. He also noted that the reaction from retailers at the BaselWorld exhibition have been widely positive and they have not come across anyone who though it was a bad idea.