Haute Beauty: Sudden Youth Skin Care Line by Haute Ambassador Lea Black

Sudden Youth, a special skin care line is designed to cleanse, lift, project and ultimately rejuvenate the skin.

Amongst its advanced collection of skin products are:

  • Pearlized Face Wash, made to clarify and moisturize the skin using pearl extracts, grape seed oils, vitamin C for antioxidants and glycolic acid for gentle exfoliation.
  • Light Daily Moisturizer, which uses phytosphingosine as the active ingredient, clinically proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles and texture of skin.
  • Light Serum, designed to restore, protect and nourish the skin with the ingredients Aquaxyl and AquaCacteen.
  • Intense Eye Cream, clinically proven to repair and reduce fine lines and formulated with Eyeliss® and Matrixly® 3000, which treat puffy eyes and wrinkles. The cream also contains Regu®-Age to reduce skin reaction to UV damage.
  • Facial Contour Lift System, a powder and gel duo clinically proven to prevent long-term damage to the skin.

Sudden Youth is dedicated to helping you “feel good, young at heart, healthy, motivated.” It was created by the renowned beauty entrepreneur, star of Real Housewives of Miami and our very own Haute Ambassador, Lea Black.

Visit www.suddenyouth.com