Featured Hautel – Mr. C

I’ve been to a lot of restaurants and hotels worldwide but I’ve never been so amazed as I am by the service Mr. C offers it’s patrons. Every single waiter at Mr. C is polite, (HANDSOME!), friendly and exceptionally diligent. The attention to detail that goes into their clients is just the beginning. The food? Unreal. I can be a little bit of a fussy eater and often times find Italian a bit bland or I’ve seen it before, and most likely, had better. Not the case here. Every dish I’ve had has surpassed my expectations seamlessly. So much so that now I rant and rave about the restaurant, like a lunatic, to anyone who will listen.

Opened by Ignazio Cipriani and his brother Maggio Cipriani, the atmosphere is very comfortable and home like. You want to be there. You feel at ease and cozy. A lot of that has to do with the decor, but even more of it has to do with the mood and vibe they’ve strived to achieve, by being family owned, and by being family run. Even those who aren’t blood, are family at Mr. C, which lends a certain charm that most hotels do not possess. While Cipriani is one of, if not the most, recognized names in the hospitality industry it’s birthed hard working, polite and very humble business men. I’ve seen Ignazio serving food and clearing tables, if his aim is to be unobtrusive, he is. Flying under the radar and making sure you’re having the best experience Mr C. can offer, literally.

If you find yourself in LA looking for genuinely GREAT food (I can’t emphasize enough), and a warm atmosphere, don’t bother going to the usual hotspots. Head over to Mr. C and enjoy an experience that is unparalleled in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Oh. And, be sure to ask the arrestingly charming maitre d’ Devin Leahy for his suggestions on food and drinks. He got me addicted to the delicious Mr. C Cocktail and Tagliardi Veal Ragu.

Stand by for more from these boys, this is just the start of their world wide expansion.