The Bloomspot and Kitchit Bespoke $25,000 Valentine’s Day Package

There has been a non-stop influx of Valentine’s Day packages being offered as the romantic day nears. The newest haute special package for couples is the Bloomspot and Kitchit Bespoke Valentine’s Day package in San Francisco, costing $25,000 per couple.

The package includes a luxurious list of amenities and special indulgences. Couples who choose the Bloomspot and Kitchit Bespoke Valentine’s Day package will spend their night at a specially created bungalow mansion with a beautiful sea-side view that overlooks the Bur Sea from multiple sides. Offerings and services include a private limousine to transport the couple, modern gadgetry, a dry sauna, yoga ground, bath showers with copper tubs and the special amphitheatre with a fire ring. At the private mansion, couples can also enjoy an intimate massage together.

For the special evening, Chef Joshua Skenes of the 2-star Michelin Restaurant Saison has prepared an exotic 8-course gourmet dinner. Following this deluxe meal, the couple will experience a special wine tasting session with famed Michael Mina Group Sommelier Rajat Parr. Finally, the following day, couples can indulge in Chef Lori Baker’s Baker & Banker Pastry restaurant at the Hotel. The private limousine will drive the couple back to reality at the end of this exquisite experience.