Mandel Foundation Gives $5 Million To West Palm Beach Public Library

The Mandel Foundation gave the West Palm Beach Public Library $5 million, and consequently, it will be renamed the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach.

The foundation was established by brothers Jack, John and Morton Mandel of Cleveland. Two of the brothers live in Palm Beach.

“A public library is a vital resource for every person – students, parents, job seekers, budding authors and entrepreneurs alike. It often serves as the center point of a community,” Chairman Morton Mandel said in a news release. “We believe that the West Palm Beach Public Library is a world-class institution and a model for the modern public library. We are extremely pleased to be able to support this effort.”

The gift will be used to expand existing and develop new projects at the library as well as develop its organization. The city will continue to fund its operating budget.

Source: South Florida Business Journal