Haute Yachts: Iwana Superyacht Celebrates Year of the Dragon

Image: Charter World

British designer Alex McDiarmid presents his latest project, an Iwana superyacht inspired by the Water Dragon to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dragon.

Known as the most powerful of the 12 signs of the zodiac, the dragon is associated with high energy and prosperity. It is also a symbol of power, superior control, change and mobility.

With the yacht’s main structure shaped like the head of a dragon, the Iwana superyacht is 87 m long and includes decks and a communication tower inspired by the dorsal crests of dragons and marine iguanas.

Able to accommodate 16 guests in 8 cabins, the superyacht also features a panoramic roof window, a solar panel system, a hull that can open up around bathing platforms, a main deck, a Jacuzzi, a social and relaxation zone and a swimming pool. All glass on the yacht is controlled electronically with the ability to change colors for privacy, sun/glare protection and visual entertainment. The yacht has a crew of 20 and boasts 22 knots of submerged speed with the ability to go 91 m deep. A private owner’s retreat is located on the upper deck, along with a private dining deck.

U.S.-based AquaVenture Water Crafts created the Iwana superyacht.

Source: Luxury Launches