Haute Yachts: Arista Marine’s Phantom Superyacht

Image: CharterWorld

Arista Marine has just revealed the luxurious plans for their new superyacht, the Phantom. Perfect for providing extra stability, the Phantom will also be able to be used as a mobile beach club with a large open deck.

New Zealand-based Arista Marine will be launching the new Phantom superyacht soon and the 79-foot vessel features numerous top-of-the-line amenities fit for any boat lover. Designed in the form of a catamaran, the Phantom has extensive carrying capacity, extra stability and a mobile beach club due to its expansive open deck.

The Phantom will also feature a helicopter landing pad, a small swimming pool at the foredeck and a bar and galley perfect for dining preparations. For those looking to be out on the open water without feeling the heat too much, the yacht features a deck with plenty of shade and even an air-conditioned lounge on the lower deck. There is the possibility of having staff including beauticians, valets and security on board a supporting vessel, so that space is saved on the main craft.

Source: JamesList