Haute Toys:$400,000 T-shirt for Sale


Ideally, t-shirts are comfortable to wear and indeed, great to collect, but would you pay $400 grand on one is the question. Well, companies like Ed Hardy have been known to  design their garments with an assortment of beading and crystals, then sale them for a pricey fee, but there’s a company that are even more pricier, in fact $400,000. There’s a website called The Most Expensive T-shirt that are actually selling a tee for that price.

According to UK shirt manufacturers, the hefty price tag is based on the materials used to make such a tee, which is 100 percent organic cotton, also, because they use renewable energy. For example, solar and wind. This type of energy has been known to reduce the carbon footprint 90% for each shirt, not to mention the tees contain nine carats of diamonds, which is approximately 16 diamonds.

The eco-friendly process actually lengthens the time that a t-shirt is made up to four weeks, according to Born Rich. One would have to sell only one shirt a month to become wealthy. No purchase of the lavish tee has been confirmed, but if interested, you’ll be happy to know they have a one-year warranty, but loss, damage and theft are not included in the policy. So you might want to be careful.

Source: cnbc.com