Haute Art Event: Bob Recine “Alchemy of Beauty”

On February 8th, The Hole on Bowery hosted a special event in celebration of artist Bob Recine’s new book Alchemy of Beauty. The chic event was curated and produced by Jacqueline Miro for RIPP&co.

Often referred to as a creative punk genius, Recine’s work seamlessly mixes high fashion and contemporary art. Guests at the event mingled with cocktails while getting a glimpse at Recine’s stunning pieces inspired by beauty and were displayed  in collaboration with photographer Mario Sorrenti – as well Robbie Fimmano and Steven Sebring.

Having grown up in New York City during the 1960s, when motorcycle gangs sprayed painted their bikes and sported tattoos, the artist was amazed by the use of renegade urban art to claim cutting-edge identities within the stiff, conservative arena of Cold War society.  As a youth he was also drawn to Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and the gothic monster’s tender heart in the midst of apparent horror.

In a recent interview, Recine identifies himself as both a rebel and adventurer who once played in numerous bands with the goal of creating that stunning, breathless moment.

Install Photos: Jacqueline Miro for RIPP&co.

Event Photos: Zach for Billy Farrell agency