Dori’s World: Jet-Set Weekend To Miami

This weekend I flew to Palm Beach with Eleanor Propp and spent time there with Debbie and Harlan Peltz. Then I stopped by Boca for some time with by family before heading to Miami!

Allison and Howard Lutnick had a party monday night, with Blaine Trump and The Crowmans. Sunday night, Daniella Rich had a dinner party on her mother Denise’s  boat for Robert Vecsler with Richard Kilstock, Doug and Agatha Teitelbaum, Harry Lefrak, Donny Deutsch, Sara Zambrelli, David Aaron and Fabian Basabe.

Later on Robert Vecler rented out Bardot for “Born Again Baldwins,”  the band that David, Richard and Loren Herbert are all in, to play. After, Chadwick Lange and I popped into Wall and saw Nicholas and Noah Tepperberg and Alan Tisch.

Such a great weekend, now off to LA!