Bill Gates to Bring His Superyacht to 2012 Olympics


Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates reportedly intends to bring his yacht to London this coming summer during the 2012 Olympics.

Known for not flashing around his extreme wealth, Bill Gates is often associated with charitable giving. When reports began to emerge that he may be bringing his 200-foot yacht, Goygpus, to the Olympics in London this summer, many were surprised. In fact, Gates is so private about his money and assets that the general public isn’t even one hundred percent sure what his yacht looks like, though it has been rumored that he owns the Goygpus. Beyond it’s name and approximate size, not much else is known about the superyacht.

If it is indeed true that his yacht is around 200 feet, bringing it to the London Olympics probably won’t cause much of a stir for Gates anyway. There will certainly be much larger and more extravagant yachts on hand for the Olympics as billionaires plan to dock their megayachts in London for the event.

Source: James List