An Eastern State Of Mind: Xenia Tchoumitcheva

This winter season, I immersed myself in the spectacular city of Hong Kong, a place I enjoyed so much that I had no problem enduring three different 12-hour flights to get there, in only one month. I’ve gathered some tips, which I found essential in order to enjoy this fabulous city. Enjoy!

Start off your day with a luxurious breakfast atop the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong in Kowloon, or at the Grand Hyatt on the Hong Kong island across the bridge. To feel the British culture that still lingers in Hong Kong, enjoy a posh afternoon tea at the elegant Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel. Quench your thirst with some savory libations in the chic Ozone Bar on the 118th floor of the Ritz, the tallest building in the city. Dine at the exclusive rooftop terrace of the Armani Privé for delicious Japanese and Italian food. Watch as the acclaimed chefs at the Japanese restaurant Inakaya prepare Wagyu beef right before your eyes. Looking for a light lunch? Indulge at Sevva, where eastern cuisine meets the west. Don’t forget: when in Hong Kong, do as the locals do, and enjoy some traditional Chinese cuisine at the historical and exclusive China Club.

Entertainment is in excess in Hong Kong. A romantic trip on the Star Ferry is a magical must for every tourist, as well as enjoying a steep tram ride up to the breathtaking panoramic Peak. Sing along with the local bands at the boisterous pubs of Lan Kwai Fong. Browse the cultural attire at the bargain-packed local Ladies’ Market. Fragrant Harbour is rich with vibrant light and thriving life.

Hong Kong is a city that warrants an extreme dose of sensory overload. The robotic sounds of the traffic indicators along with the rapid passing of bikes, small cars and pedestrians can almost be enough to knock someone off their feet. Set behind the vivacious metropolis, the dark green mountains emerging from the sea make me feel as though I’m living in the Mesozoic era. A peculiar scent floats in the air: it smells of dim sum and kongee mixed with the expensive fragrances of wealthy Chinese wives shopping in high-end flagship stores; stores by premiere Western designers who didn’t miss the opportunity to place their brand at every available corner of the most vertical city in the world.

Everyone is polite and smiling in Hong Kong. Despite the almost boring infinite copies of any object or idea of the capitalistic culture, the city’s British legacy embraces a new growing China and has a unique flair of its own.

Happy travels,