Vertu Celebrates the Chinese New Year with New Dragon Collection


The Chinese Lunar New Year can begin anytime between late January and mid February, depending on the moon’s cycle.  Each year is commemorated with an animal sign including the rat, tiger, sheep, monkey and dog.  Undoubtedly the most mythic and prestigious animal sign is 2012’s dragon.

The year of the Dragon begins January 23, and distinguished brands are celebrating the New Year with products featuring the storied creature.  The luxury mobile phone company, Vertu, has dished out a new collection of phones in honor of the Chinese New Year, and they are the blingiest phones that will hit the shelves at $20,800 in 2012.

The Vertu collection is offered in three styles.  The first is yellow gold with encrusted diamonds and black stainless steal with rubies.  The search button on the middle of the phone has a princess cut white diamond.  On the back, a gold dragon poses with sparkling diamond eyes.

The second phone is silver stainless steel with a deep green emerald as the search button.  The silver dragon snarls with green ruby eyes.  The third phone is a black stainless steel with a red ruby as the search button.

The Chinese dragon is a symbol of strength, good luck and imperial power.  Surely the new Vertu collection would be fit for a king.

Source: Luxury Launches