Peek Inside the Redecorated Mauboussin Store

French luxury jewelry designer Mauboussin recently completed the posh interior makeover of its New York location– its sole US location.

Régis Péan, founder of the firm Omni//Form is the creative mastermind behind the beautiful new interior of the store. Péan worked with Mauboussin to create a store that will please even the most discerning of tastes. The result is a stunning display of luxury and comfort that allows customers to sit, relax, and get to know the sales associates; perfect for making special purchases. All the while, the redesign flaunts contemporary design touches that make the environment anything but your run-of-the-mill “stuffy” jewelry shop. “Régis mixed modern style with elements of sophisticated, slightly decadent turn-of-the-century design to create a store that is both lavish and fun,” says a rep for the store. Yes, he did.