Madonna Launches New Fragrance: Truth or Dare

What seems to be Madonna’s new game of the New Year? Could it be most favored participants game called Truth or Dare? Everyone always loves a little bit of rebellious acts to start the New Year, so spin that Twister board and place your bets for a dare! Skip the truth, don’t play it safe and a simple dare could land you to be the eye candy and the fragrant diva on the street runways!

Madonna is launching her new fragrance line, Truth or Dare, for our necklines and preparing to keep us dressed head to toe for the New Year! When is the line supposed to be launched? Not all secrets can be whispered to the world just yet! Do you actually think Madonna is going to give the world all her detailed delights just yet? Hell no! That’s her plan, to shock us, to make us wait and to drive us mad, until the show has begun!

Her Truth or Dare line, is like a virgin, it hasn’t been popped or plucked yet, it will come out, when the moment is right! Who would have thought Madonna would have a fragrance line coming out? Well, she has basically ruled the world with her music, children’s book, a featured line at H&M, Macy’s Material Girl line and she shocks us more than Lady GaGa’s extravagant costumes! It takes a real woman to fill this woman’s shoes and we are all still waiting for another one to step up to the plate and replace this irreplaceable icon!

So, Lady GaGa, sorry to say, but it doesn’t look like you are next in line or performing at the Super Bowl this year, just yet!