Haute Toys: Aston Martin Office Furniture Collection

Images: Formatalia Luxury Group

Luxury carmaker Aston Martin has debuted an office furniture design collection to make your work place as stylish as the car you drove in with, created by Formatalia Luxury Group.

Conceptualized for top executives with an eye for modern design and sleek sophistication, the collection closely resembles the style of the classic Aston Martin cars. Catering to the top luxury market, all the items are extremely functional and made with premium fabrics and modern designs.

The light yet sturdy pieces feature skeletons made from carbon fiber or sanded aluminum and they are finished with drum dyed aniline leather. The collection includes four primary products such as the PKU49 armchair, PKU29 drawer cabinet, PKU08 drawer cabinet and the PKU04 aluminum desk. The desk features a handy push bottom mechanism for easy opening and closing of the drawers.

Source: Born Rich