Haute Auto: Ferrari 360 Modena Limousine

Image: Luanpa.net

The age-old saying that it’s hard to buy something for someone who has everything doesn’t really apply lately as new gadgets, cars and luxury toys are popping up everywhere. Haute Living takes a look at the Ferrari 360 Modena Limousine.

Spotted just a few days before Christmas by shoppers heading in and out of London’s famous Harrods department store in Knightsbridge, the Ferrari 360 Modena limousine is the fastest limousine in the world, topping out at 166 mph.

The extravagant car was creating quite simply – by cutting a regular Ferrari 360 Modena in half and then constructing rows of seating in the middle to add room for eight additional passengers. Although the car was technically cut in half, the price tag certainly wasn’t – this impressive limo will set you back around $390,000 and some sources are reporting that there’s one exactly like this in existence.

Dan Cawley or Style Limousines in Manchester, England, designed the limo and said, “Every boy wants to get into a Ferrari, this was a way for people to be able to do that with seven mates. It’s the biggest and craziest vehicle you can get. We made it because we wanted to create the ultimate Ferrari experience.”

Once Cawley had his design completed, he had the Ferrari tuned to perfection by Prestige Limousines in Birmingham, England before he commissioned Carbonyte UK to build the actual limo. Carbonyte UK is the company responsible for creating HotFusion Composite Manufacturing Technology, which was used on the McLaren SLR Supercar.

Image: Top Speed

Source: Top Speed