Dori’s World: Holidays In Cabo and Aspen

Christmas and New Years was another great time for me! I started off in Florida with my family which was so nice, but then it was off to Cabo San Lucas!
Also in Cabo were Jane and John Mass, Lizzie Grubman, Drew Mcourt and Jay Luchs. Mike Meldman hosted an amazing party at his Hotel Dorado, with celebs like Leonardo Dicaprio, George Clooney, Alex Rodriguez and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. So many stars and such a fun crowd.
Then it was off to aspen JP Murray, Mickey Grandy, Coralie Chariole Paul, Dennis Paul, Ulla Parker, Rena Sindi, Jon Mason. Denise Rich hosted an amazing dinner party at her home and a fabulous lunch at Cloud 9. Other fun people in Aspen this season were Ugo Columbo, Eddie and Brooke Gershel, Maria Bucccellati, Marci Warren and Ali Wise.
Then I was off to LA, to see Alex Von Furstenberg, Jason Pomeranc, and Elizabeth Guber. Who wants to go back to freezing nyc? I’m just not ready yet!