Chef Yannick Alleno Outdoes Himself with Black Truffle Dinner at Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing

Chef Yannick Alleno is certainly the star of new S.T.A.Y. restaurant at the lux Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing, but last week he truly exceeded all expectations. On January 7, Chef Yannick introduced Gala Dinner guests to a new world of flavor. The Michelin-starred chef explored the poignant flavor of the black truffle, combining it with a mélange of ingredients to create new flavors.

Chef Yannick prepared Oyster in Gelée with Leeks and Black Truffles, Artichokes Soup with Black Truffles, Sea Scallops Terrine with Black Truffles, Duck Foie Gras in Stuff Cabbage and Black Truffles, Australian Beef Sirloin Aiguillette in Black Truffle Sauce, and Chocolate Milk in Crispy Dark Chocolate Tube with Shaved Black Truffle.

Each dish was accompanied by a glass of fine wine, ranging from Dom Perignon Champagne to Burgundy wines and Bordeaux wines.

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