Wendy’s Introduces Luxury Foie Gras Burger in Tokyo

Image: Business Insider

American fast-food chain, Wendy’s, has just unveiled the new Foie Gras Burger for $16. It is available in the high-end shopping district of Omotesando in Tokyo.

Perhaps hoping to attract a different clientele, Wendy’s in Tokyo have added a twist to their menu. Of course you can still purchase the traditional square Wendy’s beef patties, but now you also have a choice of items like a foie gras burger, an avocado and wasabi burger and grilled chicken with truffle and porcini mushroom sauce.

Unfortunately for anyone not in Tokyo, this burger is not available in America. In addition to adding the foie gras burger, Wendy’s plans to open around 100 new restaurants in Japan over the next five years. Thinking longer term, Wendy’s announced they hope to take that number up to 700.

Ernest Higa, chief executive officer of Wendy’s Japan LLC said, “We think the fast-food market here is ready for something different.”

The international President for The Wendy’s Company, Darrell van Ligten, said, “We are delighted to join with a highly capable partner, Ernie Higa, to bring Wendy’s brand to Japan and rapidly grow our presence in one of the largest quick-service restaurant markets in the world.”

Source: Pursuitist