The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Is Raiding Closets This Holiday

Ladies it’s time to shock us with your deviant behavior! Throw the cardigans out, toss those dainty pastels out and trade them out for some rebellious new trends! You don’t have to go purchase your Harley Davidson just yet, to show us that rebellious, bad school girl look. There is a much cheaper way to show off that poisonous and lethal look and H&M has come to the rescue again! Yes, we have read the books, seen the oversea films and now the huge box office movie will finally arrive on the big screen to intimidate and influence you naughty ladies! What is this new line and film that keeps buzzing the streets? Well, if one has heard about “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, which hits theatres December 21st, designer Trish Summerville will be releasing her line, through H&M, for those, ready-to-rebel ladies!

Summerville had the privilege of designing the collection, for the ladies on set and (our James Bond) Daniel Craig. So many influential garments, might have cast a spell on ladies strapped in their seats. Ladies craving for a more devious and lethal approach! From the stripped, rustic leather motorcycle jackets, to the painted on leather legging pants, this look might intimidate muggers or ex-boyfriends! How many bones is this all going to cost for these lethal looks on December 14th?

Well, it won’t cost one to rob a bank just yet, since the prices will range from $9.95 to $199, in which other leather jacket options will cost a mere $50, for those wanna-be bad girls! It might be the holiday season for gift giving and shopping, but ladies, this might be a good investment to keep those bad boys away from these invincible looks!