Ring in the New Year With Celeb-Inspired Looks From Fashion Designer and Expert Claudia Patel

What beats an amazing night with friends and family? A sparkling fashion sense that will make you stand out from the crowd. Start the year off right in a celeb-worthy look straight off the red carpet.  Get inspired with tips from Fashion Designer and Expert Claudia Patel and channel your inner starlet. With Claudia’s favorite red carpet trends as a guide, this year you will countdown ways to top your first look of the new year.

Classic LBD with a Twist

Who says a twisted situation is always negative? In fact, a twist on the classic LBD screams flirty chic. If you would like to keep it simple, the asymmetrical styling of a twisted one-shoulder dress creates a great fashion focal point. Steer clear of necklaces, and opt for drop earrings. Spice it up with a bold color.  If you have broad shoulders, stay away from cross over twisted tops that will draw attention to your problem area, and further broaden your shoulders. This look works great on petite frames.

Tuxedo Jackets

This versatile look can take you from sleek to chic, and can be worn night or day. A truly good investment, you can pair a tuxedo jacket with bold color jeans, a dress or your new black skinny jeans.  Is your upper body your problem area? Then draw attention to your legs in this number. Want to keep it classic? Pair a black tuxedo jacket with tight skinny jeans.

Long Sleeve Dresses

A long sleeve dress can be sophisticated and elegant. And if you have a formal party this year, this look will elongate your body and show off your curves.  Hitting the town or going to a more low-key party? Get inspired by this look and take it up a notch—above the knees.  Steal this look, but make it short. Shoulder pad inserts can also glam up your look to ultra chic.

Nude/Blush Gowns

You don’t need to wear bright colors to make a statement. Flesh toned colors are both glamorous and stunning. With just the right amount of sparkle here and there, your frock will turn heads. A short version will work just as well for a cocktail party for this year’s countdown. Although nude suits all skin tones, it works best with lighter/medium skin tones. Go bold with your lips for a fun look.

Turtle Neck Gowns

A glamorous twist on the not-so-glamorous turtleneck, the turtle neck dress has been donned by some of the hottest celebs. Mimicking a throw-over scarf embellishes your neck in the perfect way. Highlight your shoulders and arms and draw attention away from your hips and thighs. Stick to a basic color to keep it classic.

Sequined Stripe Minis

Form fitting sequined striped minis have been a hit with celebs on the red carpet this winter. And it’s no wonder why. This tight getup is both sexy and has the right amount of sparkle for this year’s party. Horizontal stripes work best with petite frames, as they add width. Opt for darker colors that give a slimming effect and a few wide stripes, instead of thin if you are shapely.

Information courtesy of Fashion Designer/Expert Claudia Patel.

About Claudia Patel Fashion Designer

Claudia Patel’s modernist philosophy extends to fashion and beyond.  She believes clothing should fit the way women live: with designs that are feminine, comfortable, contemporary and functional.  Born in Singapore, Claudia’s love of her heritage continues to be a big influence on her as a designer and fashion adherent.  She spent her early years in the United States traveling with her parents and studied abroad in Australia.  Claudia’s diverse upbringing has always led her to believe that life takes unexpected turns driven by passion and purpose.  She soon realized fashion was more than just a pastime, it was her calling.  Claudia’s passion for clothing involves more than love for color and fabric.

I’ve always wanted to find a way to bring the artistry of my culture and heritage to the modern canvas.  So begins my journey to fuse subtle Asian aesthetics to contemporary design, dreaming up of a brand that has the sense and sensibility of classic items every modern woman should have in her wardrobe, but rich with texture and culture weaved into every piece.

For me, every piece is carefully put together to have you exude unapologetic confidence, with an alluring quiet sensuality as soon as you enter a room.”

Claudia will debut her collection exclusively online in February 2012 – a line of signature kimono tops and dresses that are versatile enough to take you from day to night, all with a playful twist that brings to life her Asian heritage on the modern canvas.   Her clothing is made only with hand selected quality luxurious fabrics like silk chiffon and silk crepe.  Claudia’s clothes elicits more than style or emotion, it frames art.

I am making clothes for the woman who can do it all.  We can be soft and strong; intelligent and pragmatic.  For me, it’s not about creating fashion it’s about making a change in women’s lives.”

Claudia will also launch her line of jade accented and crystal frosted jewelry bringing her brand full circle.  In the meantime, she wants to invite you on her journey in bringing to life her dream, and to share in the excitement of the next phase of her journey as possibly a new found friend, entrepreneur, mentor, stylist and fashion designer.