Reenacting the 12 Days of Christmas Could Cost you $100,000

During the holidays we all have our favorite tunes – songs that come around once a year and tend to get stuck in our heads. Many of you probably know the holiday countdown song “12 Days of Christmas” which lists items such as lords a-leaping, maids a-milking and ladies dancing to the drumming drummers and piping pipers. Someone worked out just how much all of those items would cost and it’s certainly not cheap.

PNC Financial have spent decades tracking the ups and downs of the gifts that are listed in the tune and came to the conclusion that the total cost of realizing the full 12 Days of Christmas has finally crossed the $100,000 mark – totally in at $101,119.84 to be exact.

This is only a 4.4% change from last year, but it’s 35% more than the total price just five years ago.

The most expensive item on the holiday list is the seven swans a-swimming, which costs $6,300, followed closely by the $6,294.03 for nine ladies dancing.

The cheapest item on the list is the eight maids a-milking, which PNC Financial estimated would cost you just $58. The partridge alone would actually cost less, totally in at just $15, but when it comes with a pear tree you have to add another $169.99 to the cost.

If you’re not one for over indulgence, buying just one of each item would only cost you $24,263.18.

Source: Consumerist