Jovani Could Be Your Cinderella Before The Stroke Of Midnight On NYE

New Years Eve is about to pop and what is one to do with no dress? Don’t just pop open that bottle of bubbly just yet! Before those rows of champagne flutes are overflowing, maybe wearing a pair of sweats just wouldn’t be the proper thing to do! You must simply think fast and make a dash for the nearest New Year’s Eve fashionable sites!

Since it is still 2011 and not 2012, there is an escape detour route to a little hidden gem in San Francisco. Jovani, Eight Sixty and Cop Copine are ready to pop open that bubbly with you this year and Sumaro will get it shipped out to you!

Don’t waste time ladies, that dress should be a sure fit, like Cinderella’s glass slipper. Remember the dress chooses you, not the other way around!