Haute Yachts: Misha Merzliakov Unveils 52-meter Superyacht Catamaran

Images: Misha Merzliakov

The Eva yacht, designed by Australian superyacht creator Misha Merzliakov, could become the largest superyacht catamaran in the world once it is brought to completion.

Currently still in the concept stage, Eva was designed by Misha Merzliakov who took inspiration from the Dutch Art movement. The young designer blended the interior and exterior environment of the yacht with a meticulous, creative and unique use of glass. The yacht features high window panels, which allow passengers to view outside and feel close to nature at the same time.

The yacht also features a sun bathing area, a swimming pool on the lower deck, guest accommodations, a saloon area, a cinema theater, a 100-square-meter master suite, a 67-square-meter private master suite outdoor space, a private lounge, games room, children’s play room, a bow area for the vessels own tender boat and space for an Audi Q7.

Merzliakov was a 2011 Young Designer of the Year finalist.

Source: Born Rich