Haute Living Gift Guide: Rodrigo Otazu Jewels At Sumaroo

Is it wrong to frost yourself, right before Christmas? Frosting yourself is the most pleasurable sin women love to splurge on themselves. Is it a sin to boast around town, frosted head to toe, showing off those vicious jeweled ornaments? If Lady GaGa and the ladies of Sex and the City can show it off, why can’t we?

You don’t have to be a red carpet star or Grammy award winner to rock these one of a kind pieces. But, the feeling will surely give one that elite, VIP, red carpet stimulation sense of just one piece slipped on.

If that tree is fully stocked underneath, make sure those stockings are vacated and open for Rodrigo Otazu’s exotic pieces! Although those red carpet stars are able to afford those precious gems, it doesn’t mean they are out of reach for those non-million making consumers.

San Francisco’s Sumaroo might be a better bet, than to ask Santa for just one piece of Otazu’s jewels. Otazu doesn’t seem to be on Santa’s payroll and the elves are only trained to rows of Radio Flyer wagons, tinker toys and destructible objects for ages 10 and under. So, if one wants to drip and frost those necklines and wrists on Christmas morning, it would be wise to scratch that list and just say, “This is what I need from Sumaroo now!” Because everyone knows Christmas is nearly here and that stocking is as empty as the meat aisle is, at your local grocer, when a blizzard is about to hit!