Haute Auto: Limited Edition BAC Mono Single-Seater Race Car

The limited edition BAC Mono single-seater racecar is now available for sale in the United States with a $130,000 price tag.

Sector 111 LLC is the company behind the release of the limited edition series of racing cars and their primary strength has gone beyond market performance parts and services – they now create the racecars themselves.

The BAC Mono single-seater features a 2.3-liter Cosworth machine engine that generates 280 HP of output with 6-speed sequential transmission. With a top speed of 274 km/ph, it only takes this car 2.8 seconds to go from 0-100 km/ph because of it’s light weight. Weighing just 540 kg of overall weight, the BAC Mono single-seater falls into the lighter category of cars thanks to the aerodynamic carbon fiber body, which allows for greater efficiency in terms of engine thrust.

Available in very limited edition, there will only be 12 units sold per year starting in 2012. They will be imported into the U.S. by Ariel Atom, the exclusive dealer.

The car comes in many shades including tangerine, yellow, black, white, blue, red and green.

Source: Born Rich