With a new year fast approaching, I find myself daydreaming about all the possibilities of what 2012 may hold. I am in awe by how creative the holidays have become, from the extravagant store decorations to the extended hours (great for a night owl like myself) to the extraordinary works of art we explored during Art Basel. There is much to admire and wonder about this December and January, not the least of which is, what will I create in 2012 that will be inspiring or self-defining in some way?

Creativity is all around us, providing inspiration and plenty of room for introspection and self-improvement. For me, the beauty of a Christmas tree always congers up thoughts of family, friends and people I love celebrating with. The colors are an inspiration for a fashion choice or two (green is for emeralds, of course). Even the scent inspires me to think about fragrance differently at this time of year, influencing choices for my Sudden Youth Skincare line’s newest creations. Creativity is a lifeline for me, and it’s an essential part of how a person changes and grows.

My annual fundraising event, The Blacks’ Annual Gala, is an effort with a loyal group of donors to support at-risk kids. The more creativity I put into the gala, the better the end result. I find the same holds true in my businesses. When I think outside the box to find creative solutions, they are always more effective, dynamic and generally prove to be more fun to implement.

I’ve put together a list of a few things that either embody or inspire creativity, whether it’s in what they are, how they work or the ways in which they present themselves. These are stellar examples of great things in absolutely flawless packages.

May you be inspired and creative this holiday season and fill 2012 with abundance, energy and joy.


1) The St. Regis

Bal Harbour

If the extraordinary architecture and spectacular views don’t inspire you, the Remède Spa will. This is pure beauty in its most opulent form. Opening mid-January and not to be missed. www.stregis.com/balharbour

2) Sudden Youth Lift Kit

Yes, it’s my product and I use it, but it is the readers’ comments and the before and after photos from people who are using it that inspired me to include it on the list. One use and you will notice smaller pores, lifting, toning, firming and if you have breakouts – say goodbye. Seeing is believing. www.suddenyouth.com

3) Get In Line Eye Shadow & Stencil Kit

This amazing product is a must-have for all beauty lovers. Designed by celebrity makeup artist Beth Bender, one of the co-founders of www.beautystylewatch.com, it has everything you need: a gorgeous eye shadow trio, two helpful stencils to create all kinds of eyeliner looks, a brush duo applique, silver carrying pouch and handy travel pouch. The user-friendly stencil helps avoid mistakes. It’s great looking and value priced at only $39; by Beth Bender Beauty. www.bethbenderbeauty.com

P.S. Come join me at The Blacks’ Annual Gala benefiting at-risk youth on Saturday, March 24, 2012 with Tony Bennett & Queen Latifah.

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