Contract Signed by Steve Jobs Heading to Sotheby’s Auction

Sotheby’s will place an Apple Inc. contract signed by the late technology icon Steve Jobs on the auction block on December 13. The world’s largest technology company was established in 1976  by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniack and Ronald Wayne.

A contract signed by Jobs will be up for auction on December 13 by one of the foremost auction houses, Sotheby’s. The contract papers contain the details of the creation of Apple as well as the original signatures of all three partners.

Pre-auction estimates range between $100,000 to $150,000, however, the outpouring of love and admiration for Steve Jobs and the stellar reputation of Apple as a whole could significantly raise the figure.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack were friends from college and Steve Jobs met Ronald Wayne while working for Atari before inviting him to create a company that would literally ‘change the world.’

This is not the first time that an Apple item has been placed on the auction block. Back in 2010, the very first computer designed and developed by Apple Inc. was auctioned off for $210,000.

Source: Elite Choice