Complete Technique’s Gold Custom Nike ZF-1 Snowboard Boots

Images: Complete Technique

Osamu Koyama, the designer for jewelry label Complete Technique, has unveiled the new ZF-1 snowboard boots from Nike Snowboarding.

Called “American Eagle,” the gold boots were inspired by Koyama’s fond memories of Japanese anime “Saint Selva” and manga “Berserk”. He molded and shaped each golden plate into forms with Zoom Force 1 white shoes in the middle. Extensive amounts of yellow gold were used to form the structures.

Koyama also added an opulent opal pendant on the front of the boot for a final haute touch. From the front, the Zoom Force 1 boot is hidden, but can be seen when looked at from behind.

So far it is unclear who has purchased these one of a kind boots, but it’s likely to be someone looking for a special collectors item rather than a functional pair of shoes.

Source: Born Rich