Worldwide Spending on Cosmetic Surgery Continues to Rise

Regardless of how much debt people are in or how much money they need to save, they somehow still make room in their wallets for cosmetic procedures. So it’s no wonder that worldwide spending on cosmetic surgery is between a stifling $30 billion and $40 billion a year.

According to Dr. Francis Palmer, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, some of the patients doing the spending could be wasting their money and jeopardizing themselves. Palmer says that 10 million of these dollars are coming from consumers that choose unqualified surgeons or doctors that are just trying to make a sale, not necessarily work in the patient’s best interest.

By choosing these doctors, consumers risk their final product being less attractive than they began, and are even endangering their health. Palmer’s book, The Palmer Code, acts as a source for consumers to learn more about cosmetic procedures and what they mean to each individual.

Good research is the best guidance, and it’s important for patients to be aware.