Ulysse Nardin Unveils Million Dollar Royal Tourbillon Watch

Ulysse Nardin unveiled a $1.1 million Royal Tourbillon watch at the recently concluded 24th Annual Showboats International Rendezvous. Placed in a platinum body with 568 baguette cut diamonds and 234 baguette cut royal blue sapphires, the timepieces is a masterful homage to haute horology.

In addition to mastering horology, Ulysse Nardin has stepped up their charitable game by paying significant attention towards contributing to society in general. At the 24th Annual Showboats International Rendezvous the company helped raise $200,000 into a total corpus of $1 million, which is directed towards the betterment of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County. During this event, they also unveiled the magnificent Royal Tourbillion Watch that cost $1.1 million.

In addition to the baguette cut diamonds and royal blue sapphires, the watch also features a dial that has a unique exposed skeleton design, which plays with royal blue and platinum colored plates to depict the time. The lower half of the dial, which is platinum shaded, has the branding of the watchmaker in blue enamel, at the 5 and 8 ‘o’ clock positions. The casing features a rare intricate and thin line of royal blue sapphire crystals.

The 24th Annual Showboats International Rendezvous also saw the unveiling of several other limited edition watches, including the five distinctive Classico timepieces. All were customized by adding the engraved nameplate of the highest bidder of the watches. The highest bid came for the new El Toro watch, which sold for $75,000.

Source: Born Rich