Scale Model of Lamborghini is Twelve Times Price of Real Car

Model cars that are exact replicas of their doppelgängers can be quite pricey.  A model Lamborghini Aventador LP700 has already been named the world’s most expensive miniature model, but now it will surpass its own record.  Rupert Guelpen—German creator of one-of-a-kind model cars—has been commissioned to creat a golden version of the Aventador.

The super rich client has instructed Guelpen to make certain parts out of platinum or carbon fiber, and embellish it with diamonds—all in addition to the gold plating.   The model, which is to utilize 700 diamonds to stud the seats inside—is estimated to have a base price of $4.7 million. Point of reference: that is 12 times the price of the real car for a 1:8 scale model.