Relax Your Wrinkles— Xeomin is New Botox Alternative

Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Greco of Pennsylvania is giving Xeomin, a new alternative to Botox, a try on his patients. Just approved this summer, the new drug relaxes muscles and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Just as its predecessor Botox is composed, Xeomin is made with a diluted form of the botulism toxin.”It creates a relaxation of the muscles,” said Dr. Greco. The differentiating factor is mainly this: a patient has less of a chance of developing resistance to Xeomin than he or she would with Botox.

Dr. Greco explains, “Xeomin works best in the upper face.” In roughly one week, patients see the results, which last up to three-plus months. So far, the side effect most commonly experienced is a mild headache if the patient had the injection between the eyebrows.

Try the new drug for $400, the same rate that similar procedures are going for today, or wait for lower prices when the market gets more competitive. Dr. Greco predicts that once a strong third alternative comes into play, prices will decline to a more competitive rate.