New York Doctor Develops CORE Abdominoplasty for Flatter Abs

Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi has developed a way to give patients the results they desire—results not possible from a traditional abdominoplasty. A leading New York plastic surgeon with 29 years of experience, Dr. Asaadi’s technique achieves flatter, firmer results.

Commonly referred to as the tummy tuck, an abdominoplasty tightens stomach muscles. According to Asaadi, only one-third of all abdominoplasty patients are satisfied with the outcome of the procedure. The leftover two-thirds don’t see the results they were seeking because  a traditional abdominoplasty cannot achieve them.

Instead of performing the abdominoplasty with the patient lying flat on his or her back, like most surgeons do, Asaadi tilts the table 45 degrees.

“By bringing the back of the table up and examining the muscles in a semi-upright position, I am able to perform additional repair on the abdominal muscles,” said Asaadi. “This gives patients the smooth, firm abdominal profile they are looking for.”

This “Table Tilt Test” detects all abdominal bulging—including bulging that is concealed when lying down.

Amongst many reasons for undergoing the procedure, it’s common for women who have lost tone and elasticity after pregnancy or for men experiencing a separation of the abdominal wall and the muscle as a result of surplus fat. However, the procedure is not meant for significantly overweight individuals. The surgery has heeded exceptional results for men and women alike.

SOURCE: Mokhtar Asaadi, M.D., F.A.C.S.