Mystery Dates Joins the Miami Social Scene

An evening filled with surprises, intrigue and great company has emerged onto the Miami social scene. For the first-ever Mystery Dates dinner party, guests will meet at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami for complimentary cocktails courtesy of Grey Goose. Soon after the introductory drink, Mystery Dates participants will discover the location of their dinner party that will be hosted at privates homes in Miami, from Coral Gables to Golden Beach.

The series of dinner parties is sure to capture the attention of the most elite crowd in Miami, with tickets priced at $175 for the evening, or $1250 for a package of ten. Tonight’s Mystery Dates dinner hosts include: Jason Atkins, Tania and Robert Bassan, Olympia de Castro and Gustavo Hernandez, Gloria and Sergio Leyva, Kathryn and Dan Mikesell, Dale and Richard Newberg, Hal Philipps, Adriana and Michael Stein, and Billy Weisman.

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