Maserati Kubang: Italian Luxury SUV with Tridente Styling

PHOTO: Maserati Kubang Concept

When I heard Maserati was building a luxury SUV I almost puked a little bit in my mouth. Why oh why would an Italian luxury sport car maker need to make an ugly bloated luxury SUV?

People want them that is why and the new Maserati can also bring in tons of money for the brand so they can further expand. Looking at this concept by Maserati you may say that it looks nothing like a Maserati at all. The only thing that resembles modern day Masers is the grille on this new SUV. Underneath it all is just a Jeep platform because of the companies relationship with Chrylser.

The suits at Maserati will get what they want though because these will be hot selling SUV’s just take a look at how popular the Porsche Cayenne is…

The name for this new Maserati luxury SUV is just temporary from what I have been reading although right now you can go to an official Maserati web site where they call it that. The price for this new Maser will be just over $100,000 putting in the ball park of higher end Porsche Cayenne’s and the likes of the BMW X5 M and Mercedes ML AMG luxury sport SUV’s.

I want to see this new Maserati in person before I give my final judgement.

Joseph De Lucca is a Haute Living contributing writer and also publishes the luxury automotive lifestyle Web site