Haute Yachts: The $150 Million PJ World Superyacht

Currently being built in Norway, the $150 million PJ World superyacht is an 82-meter vessel designed by Rolls Royce and boat makers Palmer Johnson.

The magnificent and enormous yacht can sail through any waters and comes equipped with water cannons and thermal imagery systems to protect against pirates. The makers of the yacht say it is “as green as possible” and the hull and medium speed diesel engine are designed with the latest technology.

Other features include the ability for passengers onboard can enter a six-man vessel through an internal docking station. The entrance is reminiscent of the Bat cave, thanks to a futuristic entrance with a helicopter hanger featuring a hydraulic lift to enter. It is also equipped with a re-fueling system.

Russell Morris, Director of Palmer Johnson Europe, says, “It has a James Bond door that opens to the water, then once in the submarine you can explore deep water.”

PJ World also has an in-house office setup, complete with the latest in satellite technology, a children’s classroom, the owner’s apartment spanning over 3 decks with a fourth for guests and a public area with a piano salon, a cinema, a beauty salon, a fitness center and a private swimming pool.

The yacht is approximately 18 months away from completion.

Source: Luxury Launches