Security and style wrapped up in one vehicle may seem too good to be true, but with the new Knight XV from Toronto-based luxury vehicle company Conquest Vehicles, this dream becomes a reality. This luxury bespoke vehicle is a crucial asset for customers who hold security and safety in the highest regard. Dubbed the world’s most luxurious armored truck, the Knight XV is hand-built and takes nine months to handcraft.

When President of Conquest Vehicles William Maizlin and his team got together at their headquarters in Toronto, they wanted to focus on making a vehicle that would defy the standards of all other safety enhanced luxury vehicles out on the market.

“We have a very unique product,” Maizlin said. “We are pretty much trailblazing – it is geared toward high net worth individuals looking for security and luxury – and this hand built vehicle offers such unique features. What we are finding is because of the nature of the vehicle, it is so unique and so unusual with its extensive menu of options and features, that the demand for the Knight XV continues to grow.”

 For those looking to get in their ride in a hurry, the SUV also features a key less entry system.

Conquest Vehicles’ design philosophy was to create a vehicle that would be the most creative and securely built vehicle on the road today. What’s more, in order to create this relatively affordable, yet luxurious and safe armored car, Conquest Vehicles took an interesting approach – they cut out the middleman. Normally, when it comes to armored vehicles, the cars are manufactured by one company and installed with security features by another. At Conquest Vehicles, they do both.

“There are no other vehicles like ours in the market today,” said Vice President, Global Brand Development & Communications Seth Feller. “There was no one company that was building a hand-built luxury armored luxury vehicles like this. So we created a new niche industry based on the development of the Knight XV model.”

The fully-armored SUV has a staggering weight of 13,000 pounds, while its exterior is built with ballistic hardened steel which can withstand various levels of projectiles depending on the vehicle’s armoring level. Every standard model also comes with a roof-mounted rear-view camera and FLIR night vision cameras mounted on the front and rear. The windows are made from transparent armor including the  dual sunroofs. For those looking to get in their ride in a hurry, the SUV also features a key less entry system.

But don’t think that with ultimate safety features comes a lack of luxury. The interior of the Knight XV redefines what it means to ride in style. It has six seats adorned with handcrafted Andrew Muirhead leather and Wilton Wool luxury carpeting throughout. The standard Knight XV also features AM/ FM radio, Bluetooth capability, CD player and DVD navigation. The power plant of the Knight XV is offered in a 6.8-L, V-10 gas engine that outputs 362hp and 462 lbs torque, or a 6.7L power stroke, V8 turbo diesel engine offering  300hp and 660 lbs torque. Priced at $629,000 for the standard model, The Knight XV boasts a high-end customer base of professional athletes, celebrities, CEOs and members of the royal family in the Middle East.

 In addition to continued excellence when it comes to producing secure, bespoke vehicles, Feller and Maizlin would love to see the Knight XV’s debut on the big screen.

While other companies similar to Conquest Vehicles are seeing sales declines as a result of a floundering economy, Conquest Vehicles is seeing no such thing – the bespoke auto company has seen a 50 percent increase in sales in the last year alone. The company’s success, showcased by the Knight XV, is also evident in the brand’s recent expansion into China.

“What we started to find over the last year is that there has been a tremendous influx of orders of our vehicle into that marketplace,” Maizlin said. “The Knight XV is right in line with what the China market place is looking for. They want an absolutely unique vehicle, something no one has seen before which is exactly what the Knight XV is offering.” Conquest Vehicles is currently working with Beijing-based Taos Auto on their expansion into China.

The expansion into China is happening in tandem with Conquest Vehicles’ unveiling of the Knight XV at prestigious auto show Top Marques Macau.

“Opening up this sales channel is pivotal for our business,” Maizlin said.

Feller agreed.

“There is excessive wealth in China and they are looking to buy the newest, the coolest, the biggest, and the Knight XV fits that profile perfectly,” Feller said.

The 2012 vehicle will include a newly redesigned interior, front power windows, joystick controlled searchlights, a 360-degree roof mounted and front and rear commercial grade air ride suspension.  There will also be redesigned headlights and grille.  The body of the vehicle will be eight inches longer and eight inches wider to allow for more interior space. Along with new included upgrades to the vehicle, there is also a new Security Group upgrade package available. This package includes a black box, fire extinguisher, safety box, exterior surveillance camera, opaque floor armor protection, under vehicle magnetic attachment detector, under vehicle blast protection system, oxygen survival kit which offers protection against tear as well as solid, liquid and gases contaminant and a positive pressure defense system against gas attacks.

But they aren’t done yet. In addition to continued excellence when it comes to producing secure, bespoke vehicles, Feller and Maizlin would love to see the Knight XV’s debut on the big screen.

“The vehicle would be perfect for a Michael Bay film,” Feller said, noting its resemblance to the iconic Bat Mobile or the newest Transformer. “Michael Bay, are you listening?”

For more information, visit www.conquestvehicles.com