Haute Accessories: Jack Row’s $43,500 Fountain Pen

Goldsmith Jack Row has released an exotic $43,500 fountain pen that features diamonds and white gold. The expensive creation also has an extremely precious nib that is fashioned from solid 18K yellow gold.

If you’re in the market for an exclusive writing tool or know someone who would love one for the holidays, pick up the new Jack Row fountain pen that was inspired by intricate Islamic design and modern London architecture.

The fountain pen is topped with diamonds and white gold. The diamonds are approximately .90 carats with an inner barrel made of solid sterling silver plated with Rhodium and 22 carat gold. It is further decorated with outer filigree work of solid 18-carat white gold. At the tip, a delicate nib is made from solid 18-carat yellow gold.

The pen is a limited edition with only 88 pieces made.

Goldsmith Jack Row manufactured the Architect Pen in the U.K. Jack Row is an award winning and world-renowned designer and the creator of the most expensive writing instrument.

Source: Elite Choice