Futuristic Supercars Inspire IPI 12 Superyacht Concept

Futuristic designs have inspired the conception of watches, houses and even yachts and customers are equally tending towards more modern designs. Impossible Productions LLC has just introduce the latest concept yacht, the IPI 12, which was inspired by modern supercars which bear resemblance to the ones you see in sci-fi films.

The IPI 12 yacht’s main factor is aerodynamics. The sleek yet sharp lines of the hull make it idea for high speed cruising, which gaining maximum output from the engine at optimal traveling speed.

Despite the advanced hull design, specific details about the yachts amenities have not yet been released. It is expected, however, that the yacht will have a spacious open relaxing deck at the upper deck, along with all the standard amenities like a dinning area, recreation area and luxury suites.  In terms of accommodation, the yacht has options like the Couple (one double cabin), Family (one double cabin accompanied by a twin cabin) and the Charter (three twin cabins) – the buyer may select how they want these options configured. The rear end of the lower deck features amenities that can be used for snorkeling and water based adventure sports.

The are also eco-friendly technology amenities that help meet the yachts energy needs. The IPI 12 includes sprawling solar panels on the upper deck, which also houses the relaxing area, which provide much of the electricity and other energy needed in the yacht.

The engine is a hybrid version, which powers the yacht at 25 to 28 knots at maximum levels.

Source: Born Rich