Ferrari Plans World’s Most Exclusive Collector Car Club

If you’re a Ferrari aficionado who simply must have the newest and greatest editions of the Italian supercars, you’ll be happy to hear that the luxury carmaker plans to create one of the world’s most exclusive collector car clubs.

The club will be designed for Ferrari’s most elite customers who will be offered the best opportunities to get their hands on limited-edition models of the luxury vehicles. The only catch? Membership may only be available to individuals who have at least five Ferraris, which currently is around 300 people worldwide.

Talks of creating such a club were reportedly sparked when some people were disappointed to have missed out on the Ferrari SA Aperta, of which only 80 examples were produced.

Exclusivity is something that luxury car companies like Ferrari thrive upon. Bugatti, for example, is believed to have a waiting list of over a year and has been known to see customers by appointment only.

Currently there is a Ferrari Owners’ Club, with some 13,000 members, but the new “superclub” may leave some feeling short-changed, unless of course they qualify for membership. To ease the pain, Ferrari does plan to set up an annual driving and sightseeing event around Italy next spring where a limited number of Ferrari owners will be invited to drive their cars through the country that inspired their vehicles’ creation.

Source: Luxuo