Afzal Kahn Designs “Military” Edition Range Rover SUV

United Kingdom design house Project Khan has created a “Military” edition Range Rover SUV outfitted with exclusive features inside and out. Haute Living takes a look at the high-security luxury vehicle.

Designer Afzal Kahn has taken an already luxurious vehicle, the Range Rover, and outfitted it with features which would be fit for the military. The luxury SUV received several additions on both the exterior and interior to make the car more secure. While many of the original form features were retained, the additions Kahn made are stylish and intended for rich consumers who likes being extra secure.

Kahn is also credited with making a Project Kahn Rolls-Royce a few years back. Kahn took the already luxurious Rolls-Royce Phantom and had it tuned to exude even more exclusivity. It was outfitted with a Pearl White finish and new 22-inch “Silver Mist” alloy wheels. Other upgrades included a bespoke interior design to suit individual tastes, custom clear side indicators and black piano trim. He didn’t touch the engine though, saying “there’s no need to even worry about the engine as it is without a doubt one of the finest engines made today.”

Source: Born Rich