Haute Dining: Hakkasan Takes on New York

Hakkasan has announced the opening of its highly anticipated New York City location. The award winning modern Chinese restaurant , famous for serving up authentic Cantonese cuisine, will be moving to its midtown Manhattan location at 311 west 43rd street in early 2012. The 11,000 square foot, 200 guest location will be one of the restaurants many international spaces which it has opened up since its original 2001 London flagship opening. The restaurant boasts spaces at Fontainebleau, Miami Beach, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, London Mayfair ( which was recently awarded its first Michelin star), and Dubai ( set to open in November 2011). Hakkasan is the first and only Chinese restaurant in Europe to be awarded a Michelin star.

Niail Howard, CEO of Hakkasan LTD stated, “With the opening of Hakkasan New York, we are proud to mark our entry into one of the most diverse culinary cities in the world.” He added, “We look forward to welcoming our first New York City guests in early 2012. Hakkasan New York will become the gateway for the brand’s expansion in the United States, as we look to introduce the restaurant in other cities.”

The restaurants corporate development Chef, Chef Ho Chee Boon, will be relocating to New York to oversee the menu development of the new restaurant. Malaysian born Boon boasts 24 years of experience working at such renowned restaurants as Moscow’s Turandot and Bangkok’s Breeze. The New York menu will feature specifically recipes specifically tailored to citizens of the city, featuring locally sourced ingredients.

Some signature dishes include the roasted silver cod with champagne and chinese honey; stir fry black pepper and rib eye beef with merlot, and teh restaurants famous dim sum.

Parisian architects Gilles and Boissier, who previously designed interiors for the restaurants Miami and Dubai locations, have been hired to design the New York City location as well. The new motif will include a deep blue color scheme in order to reflect the restaurants New York CIty vibe.

The new location will be managed by Scott Gingerich.