As fall rears its cool head, attention shifts and dressing becomes a far different experience. But for those of us who subscribe to a haute mentality, that can mean far more than bringing out our leather and fur goods. With the change of temperature, the gala season is ushered in. In South Florida, said galas appeal to a plethora of different women, with different styles and who support varying charities across many counties. This, my gala guide, is broken down by zip code, touching upon some of the larger areas of the SoFla gala scene and offering a brief tutorial on what some of the biggest trends will be this year when is comes to glamming up for a good cause. Whether you frequent the more conservative gatherings of Palm Beach or you kick your season off with the like of Miami’s Make A Wish Ball, pop-up nightclub after party included, you’ll find tips on to how to dress the part.

Of course, ladies, billowing gowns, sky-high stilettos and blinding bling are necessities that go without saying; it’s how you put them together that will speak to your effortless and well-edited taste. And once you’ve accomplished that enviable look that taps into your innermost desires to play Cinderella every now and again, make sure that your date acts as a similarly perfect accessory—we suggest tossing him in a Tom Ford tux.