Haute Accessory: $10,000 Mono Block Amplifier for Headphones

Whether you’re looking for a high-tech gift for someone else or even something special for yourself, the new WA-234 Mono block amplifier is a great contender.

The WA-234 Mono block amplifier will be one of the few coupled with a single-ended Class A output transformer. For $10,000, the amplifier will let you switch between different varieties of sound output channels simply by clocking a couple of switches.

The sleek design of the Mono block is an added bonus – with a unique structure, the mono block amp can be connected to your headphones or used as speakers to listen to extremely high equality sound output. By simply flicking a Tube Switching Key (TSK) and Output Switching Key (OSK), you can allow yourself to hear 2A3, 300B or even 45 tubes or even change between headphones to actual speakers. There is also a separate OSK for the cathode and plate outputs, for low and high impendence headphones.

Source: Born Rich