Dori’s World: Dennis Basso Bridal Show, Muriel Brandolini Cocktail Party and More

Tuesday was a welcome to NYC lunch for Daniella Rich at Fred’s, with Daniella Ricch , Lizzie Tisch, Annabella Murphy,  Gloria  Na Kaha and Susan Harrison, then to a cocktail party for Muriel Brandolini’s new line followed by dinner at Sean Largott’s restaurant Crown.

On Wednesday I started my day with an 8:30 am work out at Amanda Freedman’s new place SLT, followed by a 10:30a, Soul Cycle class. I had lunch with  lunch with Debra Peltz, Gasoline, Maxwell,  Natasha Silver and Nicole Mellon and then it was off to see Dennis Basso debut his bridal line Kleinfeld’s. Such amazing beautiful gowns and all the women came out to support him inclduing Shafi Roepers, Daisy Canoves, Glenda Bailey, Lacey Tisch, Elizabeth Meir, Alex Lind, Inga Rubenstein and Amy Fine Collins.